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Partnership & exhibitor information

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Confirmed partners and exhibitors


BONESUPPORT™ is an orthobiologic company specializing in the development of innovative injectable bone graft substitutes that remodel into bone within 6 to 12 months. Used in more than 35,000 patients, and includes the only CE marked injectable antibiotic eluting bone graft substitutes; CERAMENT®|G with gentamicin, and CERAMENT® V with vancomycin.

The Company’s research and development is focused on extending the use of its CERAMENT technology into further indications via the incorporation of additional drugs and therapeutic agents. The Company currently has a pipeline of pre-clinical product candidates that have been designed to promote bone growth.



At the intersection of technology and human biology, Bonalive® granules reduces the need for antibiotics in the resolution of chronic bone infections. Bonalive Biomaterials provides patients and surgeons with well-proven and safe bone regenerative products in orthopedics, trauma, spine and septic bone surgery. It's time to heal smarter. #SmartHealing